Safety The city of Salzburg has repeatedly been designated as the most bicycle-friendly city in Austria.

The locals recognized the advantages of riding a bicycle in Mozart's city a long time ago. An intricate bicycle path network helps us to lead you safely in and around Salzburg. With over 170 kilometres of attractive cycle paths (don’t worry we don’t cover it all on our 3.5 hour tour!) with 900 signs and 23 scenic bicycle routes through the city we have the opportunity to choose the best way to get you to where you want to be. There are separate bicycle lanes along many roads and special underpasses for cyclists on both sides of the Salzach (the big river running through town) ensuring that you do not need to cross main roads.

The route is safe for children and we do our best to look out for all our guests and give you safety instructions whenever necessary, but it is needless to say of course that the safety of your children and yourselves is your own responsibility. This tour is taken at your own risk.

Bicycle Tour Salzburg Bicycle Tour Salzburg Bicycle Tour Salzburg