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privacy (Datenschutz)

Conditions regarding guided bicycle tours



§ 1 Services

Contractual services are valid when a client confirms their booking, when Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours confirms the clients booking or order, and arising from the publically announced conditions, e.g, on the Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours website, or the Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours flyers. Additional agreements beyond the regular contractual services require a written confirmation from Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours.



§ 2 City Tours

An exact adherence to the planned route and running order of the tour cannot be guaranteed. Therefor Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours reserves the right to change the route or the tour content, in the event of impediments such as building sites or road blockages, or similar unforeseen occurrences during the tour. In this case, tour participants will be immediately informed. Each guide may make appropriate changes to the tour as the given conditions require. Tours will take place irrespective of weather conditions provided that the safety of the participants is not at risk.



§ 3 Cancellations and Booking

Clients may cancel their bookings free of charge if they haven´t paid yet. If the payment was made online there is no refund.



§ 4 Safety

Clients may participate in our tours at their own risk. Tour participants must obey traffic regulations at all times (StVO). Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours is not liable for injury or damage caused by willful or negligent behavior of tour participants. Participants must decide themselves if they are in an appropriate state to be able to safely complete the tour.



§ 5 Limitation of Liability

Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours is not liable for damage caused by insufficient working order of either Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours bicycles, or their own private bicycles used on the tour. Participants must check the working order of their bikes themselves before the tour starts.



§ 6 Notification of Defects

Where services are insufficient or defect, participants may demand assistance. In this case, participants are obliged to notify Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours by informing the tour guide. Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours may decline to give assistance where the effort required holds little relation to the problem at hand. If the customer is culpable of not providing notification of defects, the customer’s claims may be rendered totally or partially invalid.



§ 7 Cancellation by Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours

Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours reserves the right to cancel an event without further notice when a participant sustains disruptive behavior on a tour despite fair warning to desist. In this case, Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours will retain the amount paid for the tour (Less expenses not incurred and refunds through service provider or other similar benefits obtained through other use of the services withdrawn). Extra costs incurred through the discontinuation of the tour must be paid by the persons responsible for disrupting the tour.


§ 8 Privacy

All personal data made available to Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours by the customer will be processed electronically and will only be used for contractual or customer service purposes. Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours is obliged to adhere to the regulations stipulated in the Austrian Federal Data Protection Act regarding the levying, processing and use of personal data.


§ 9 Limitation of Liability

Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours is liable for limited damages to persons or property only when the damage is clearly caused by Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours or otherwise caused by the actions of Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours. Such claims must be made directly to Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours.. Exclusion of liability is valid in the case of hidden defects or material defects.


§ 17 Other Regulations

All agreements between the customer and Fräulein Marias Bicycle Tours, are done so under the laws of the Austria. Place of jurisdiction and fulfillment is Salzburg. Should individual clauses in this Terms and Conditions be legally ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.